Valence is spearheaded by an experienced team of professionals who understand your business. Collectively, the Valence leadership team has decades of experience building successful, customer-centric businesses. Coupled with our talented and passionate workforce, Valence offers a powerful supply chain solution for your outside processing requirements.

Tracy Glende – Chief Executive Officer

  • More than 26 years of aerospace, industrial and special processing experience
  • Former CEO of Veritas Steel
  • Other experience: President – Aerospace, Defense, and Energy – Bodycote Plc.; Honeywell Aerospace
  • Expertise: executive leadership, global operations, strategic sales and marketing, Six Sigma/Lean
  • tracy.glende@ValenceST.com

Jorge Della Costa – Chief Technology Officer

  • 24 years of aerospace special processing experience
  • Founder and former President & CEO of Chrome Plus International, Inc.
  • Other experience: Swick Manufacturing
  • Expertise: operations, continuous improvement, chemical and process engineering
  • jorge.dellacosta@ValenceST.com

Jamie Mitchell – Chief Financial Officer

  • 21 years of experience in corporate finance and accounting 
  • Former CFO, Dover Artificial Lift
  • Other experience: Former VP Finance, Bemis Company
  • Expertise: finance, accounting, financial reporting, Certified Public Accountant
  • jamie.mitchell@ValenceST.com

Tim Mickael – Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing

  • 13 years of aerospace special processing experience
  • Former President & CEO of Coast Plating, Inc. and CSL, Inc.
  • Other experience: The 180 Group and Berggruen Holdings
  • Expertise: strategy development, sales and marketing, business development, finance
  • tim.mickael@ValenceST.com

Matthew Alty – Vice President, Operations

  • 15 years of special processing experience in the aerospace, electronics and energy sectors
  • Former Vice President with Bodycote Plc.
  • Other experience: Wood Group
  • Expertise: global operations, change management, technical leadership, strategic sales and marketing
  • matthew.alty@ValenceST.com