Valence Pittsburgh

Aerospace anodizing


414 Innovation Drive
Blairsville, PA 15717

Valence Eastman

Valence Pittsburgh located 45 minutes from Pittsburgh was founded in 2002 as H&W Global Industries by husband and wife, Jean-Pierre Habets and Sandra Habets.  Servicing clients in the aerospace, defense, automotive, marine, mining, nuclear, and medical industries, we offer custom masking, printing/graphics, threaded inserts, kiting, secure packaging services, high quality metal finishing, electroplating, and industrial coating services. Our services include anodizing aluminum and its alloys, anodizing titanium, black oxide coating, CARC painting, passivation of stainless steel – both nitric and citric, zinc plating, zinc phosphate coating, conversion coating, electroplating, powder coating, industrial painting, specializing in BR-127 bond primer for leading defense applications, and more.  All coating, finishing, electroplating, and painting processes meet industry-accepted standards. Operating out of a state of the art 50,000 square foot facility, many of our processes meet or exceed the more stringent military standards. We accept orders ranging from just a few parts to thousands of finished pieces, often requiring multiple processes.

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