Aerospace Shot Peen and Blasting Services

We offer a complete suite of Nadcap and AS9100 approved shot peen and blast services for the aerospace industry.

Valence offers a range of shot peen and abrasive blast capabilities including; manual, saturation, shot peen forming and blasting as part of our full-service aerospace metal finishing capabilities. We offer NDT and post shot peen chemical processing on a single purchase order with capacity and tooling to handle anything from tiny springs, up to 65’ wing skins.


We peen using many types of media, including cut wire, steel shot, aluminum oxide and glass. Ask us about our on-location repair peening services today.

Shot Peen and Blasting Services

Saturation Peen

Saturation peen refers peening the entire surface of a part, to enhance fatigue resistance. Based on our equipment capability, we can support large quantity orders, or individual parts with a large surface area.

Peen Forming

Peen forming is the process of using small steel shot to change the curvature of a part.

Abrasive Blast / Abrasive Clean
  • Abrasive Blast / Abrasive Clean – Abrasive blasting and cleaning is used to smooth, or to roughen a surface.
    • Aluminum Oxide – Aluminum oxide is a commonly used abrasive for blast finishing and surface preparation.
    • Glass Bead Blasting – Glass bead blasting refers to circular glass shot that create a softer, brighter finish on surfaces.
    • Plastic Media – Plastic media is a soft shot type that is the preferred and nondestructive way to strip coatings and paint from delicate parts, without compromising part integrity.
Valence performs all of these services to the highest degree of care, with approvals for most prime and military specifications. View our specs here.

Shot Peen and Blast Sizes

Valence Eastman L Valence Wichita L Valence Grove L Valence Los Angeles L Valence Seattle L Valence Everett L Valence Paramount L
Abrasive Blast 5' Abrasive Blast 14' Glass Bead 10' Abrasive Blast 32' Abrasive Blast 4' Abrasive Blast 12' Abrasive Blast 40'
Part Mark No Limit Glass Bead 5' Part Mark No limit Glass Bead 6' Glass Bead 3' Glass Bead 12' Glass Bead 50'
Shot Peen 5' Part Mark No limit Shot Peen 3' Plastic Media 6' Part Mark No limit Part Mark No limit Shot Peen 50'
  Shot Peen 12 Part Mark No limit Plastic Bead Blast 2.5' Shot Peen 30' Shot Peen Form 40'
                Shot Peen  6'        
Shot Peen + Blast
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