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Space and Communication Systems

Launch Vehicles, Satellite Systems

Space markets are undergoing a renaissance with the development of new launch vehicles and mushrooming growth in new satellite constellations. We are excited about our key roles on virtually every satellite program in the free world including the One Web Constellation.


Valence Surface Technologies provides many different finishes for parts that are used in the space and satellite industries. The processes can range from electroless nickel to gold and silver plate and more. Many of these processes are crucial to the function of the components, so precise application is critical.


Valence has developed special processing procedures to accommodate the requirements of the satellite Industry, and its unique needs. Our specially trained personnel, from maskers to processes and inspectors, often have decades of experience, with a low turnover rate in our plants. We are well known for the plating of satellite wave guides and have the personnel and quality equipment to meet the stringent requirements.


This segment of manufacturing has been a part of Valence’s business for over 25 years.


United Launch Alliance

Delta II
Delta IV
Delta IV Heavy

Atlas V

Blue Origin

New Shepard

Virgin Galactic




Commercial Crew Vehicle


Satellite Communications Systems

Commercial and Defense Communications

Valence supports the major defense and commercial satellite OEMs and maintains key positions on communications systems for the leading providers of commercial aerospace bandwidth including GoGo and ViaSat.


Thales Alenia

Orbital ATK


Space Systems Loral


Key Takeaways

  • Renaissance in Space Markets: The space industry is experiencing a renaissance, marked by the development of new launch vehicles and the rapid growth of new satellite constellations. This growth is driving increased demand for space-related technologies and services.
  • Valence Surface Technologies’ Role: Valence Surface Technologies plays a crucial role in the space and satellite industries by providing various finishes for critical components. Their processes, such as electroless nickel, gold, and silver plating, are essential for the functionality of these components. They have developed specialized procedures to meet the unique requirements of the satellite industry and are known for their expertise in plating satellite waveguides.
  • Key Players in the Space Industry: Several prominent companies and organizations are actively involved in the space industry, including United Launch Alliance, Blue Origin, Virgin Galactic, NASA, SpaceX, and major defense and commercial satellite OEMs like Airbus, Thales Alenia, Orbital ATK, Boeing, Space Systems Loral, and MDA. Valence supports these key players, particularly in the area of satellite communications systems, including both commercial and defense communications.
Space And Communication System

In the rapidly evolving field of space aviation, effective communication systems play a crucial role. Companies operating in the commercial aerospace, defense, space, and satellite industries require top-of-the-line surface finishing to ensure optimal performance and reliability. In this article, we will explore the historical perspective, advancements, applications, and future trends in space communication with a focus on Valence technology.


Historical Perspective On Space Communication

Space communication has traversed a fascinating historical journey, extending from the early days of human exploration beyond our planet to the present era of cutting-edge technology. From the moment the world heard the first beep of Sputnik to the high-speed data transmission of the International Space Station, this section offers a comprehensive historical perspective on space communication’s milestones that have shaped the way we connect with space.


Elevate Your Aerospace Solutions With Valence!

At Valence Surface Technologies, we take pride in being the unrivaled leaders in aerospace product finishing. We offer a fully integrated solution tailored to the aviation, defense, and space industries. By choosing Valence, you gain access to:

  • Unmatched Expertise: Benefit from our extensive experience and deep understanding of the aerospace industry.
  • Comprehensive Solutions: Enjoy the convenience of a one-stop shop for all your surface finishing needs.
  • Superior Quality: Rest assured that your aerospace components receive the highest standards of precision and reliability.
  • Environmental Responsibility: We prioritize eco-friendly practices, minimizing the environmental impact of your projects.

Join hands with Valence and soar to new heights in aerospace excellence. Together, we can transform your vision into reality!


Services Offered By Valence For Space Aviation

Valence takes the forefront in the domain of space aviation, offering a broad spectrum of services that cater to the unique and exacting demands of the industry. As you navigate your journey through space aviation, explore the various finishing solutions provided by Valence, each meticulously designed to meet and exceed your expectations.


Precision Cleaning

Delve into the intricacies of Valence’s precision cleaning services, which remove contaminants from critical components, ensuring they perform optimally in space.



Learn about Valence’s anodizing processes that enhance the durability and corrosion resistance of space aviation components.


Paint And Coatings

Discover how Valence’s expert coating services can extend the longevity of your space-related assets, protecting them from the harsh conditions of the cosmos.

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Paint And Coatings

Non-Destructive Testing

Uncover the importance of non-destructive testing in space aviation and how Valence’s solutions ensure the structural integrity of mission-critical components.


Advancements In Space Communication Technologies

The space communication landscape is a dynamic and ever-evolving domain. In this section, we provide an in-depth exploration of the latest breakthroughs and cutting-edge advancements in technology that are propelling space communication to new heights.

  • Laser Communication: Delve into the world of laser communication, a revolutionary technology that allows for faster and more secure data transfer in space.
  • Quantum Entanglement: Explore the fascinating world of quantum entanglement, a technology that offers unparalleled security in space-based communication.
  • CubeSats: Small but Mighty: Learn about CubeSats, small but powerful satellites that are transforming space communication with their compact size and versatility.
  • Interplanetary Internet: Discover the concept of an interplanetary internet, allowing seamless communication between Earth and missions beyond our planet.


Valence Applications In Space Communication

Valence’s expertise transcends the realm of surface finishing. This section offers a detailed look at how Valence’s solutions play a pivotal role in enhancing space communication systems. Their commitment to quality and precision ensures peak performance and extended longevity for crucial components.

  1. Satellite Coatings: Learn how Valence’s expert coatings protect and enhance the functionality of satellites, contributing to mission success.
  2. Spacecraft Components: Explore how Valence’s surface finishing solutions are applied to critical spacecraft components, ensuring their reliability and performance in the harsh conditions of space.
  3. Launch Vehicles: Discover the role of Valence’s services in ensuring the durability and reliability of launch vehicle components, a crucial aspect of any successful space mission.


Security And Reliability Of Valence In Space Aviation

In space aviation, security and reliability are non-negotiable. Valence is synonymous with uncompromising quality and precision, ensuring that your mission-critical systems can withstand the harshest space environments. This section outlines the security measures, space-grade standards, and real-world mission success stories that underscore Valence’s unwavering commitment to excellence.

  • Stringent Quality Control: Explore Valence’s rigorous quality control processes that guarantee the highest quality in surface finishing for space aviation.
  • Space-Grade Standards: Learn about the specific standards and certifications that Valence adheres to, ensuring that their services meet the demanding requirements of the aerospace and space industries.
  • Mission Success Stories: Dive into real-world examples of missions where Valence’s services played a pivotal role in ensuring success, demonstrating their reliability and commitment to the space aviation industry.


What Is Space Aviation?

Space aviation, often referred to as aerospace, is a branch of aviation that extends beyond Earth’s atmosphere, encompassing the exploration, navigation, and communication within space. It involves the study and application of aeronautics and astronautics, focusing on both the Earth’s orbit and deep-space missions. Space aviation plays a pivotal role in advancing human knowledge, technology, and scientific discovery, making it a cornerstone of modern space exploration.

What Is Space Aviation?

The Importance Of Space Aviation

Space aviation is of paramount importance in today’s world, underpinning a multitude of critical functions that benefit society as a whole. It enables us to deploy and manage satellites that support communication, weather forecasting, and navigation, contributing to safer and more efficient daily life. Moreover, space aviation fuels scientific research, enabling us to explore and understand distant planets, conduct experiments in microgravity, and address global challenges like climate change and resource scarcity. Space aviation also bolsters national security, enhancing surveillance, reconnaissance, and defense capabilities. In essence, space aviation is the foundation upon which we build the future, fostering scientific discovery, economic growth, and global stability.


How Does Valence Help With Space Aviation?

Valence is at the forefront of space aviation, playing a pivotal role in ensuring the success of missions beyond our planet. Valence provides a range of surface finishing solutions that are essential for the aerospace industry. Their precision cleaning, anodizing, and coatings enhance the durability, longevity, and performance of space aviation components. By adhering to stringent quality control and space-grade standards, Valence guarantees that their services meet the rigorous demands of the industry. With their expertise, Valence contributes to the reliability and functionality of space aviation systems, making them an indispensable partner in the quest for space exploration.


Advantages Of Choosing Valence For Space Aviation

Choosing Valence for your space aviation needs offers a multitude of advantages:



Valence boasts a deep understanding of the aerospace industry, backed by years of experience, ensuring that your components receive the highest quality surface finishing.


Tailored Solutions

Valence provides customized services that meet the specific requirements of your project, allowing for optimal performance and longevity.


Environmental Responsibility

Valence is committed to environmentally responsible practices, including waste reduction and eco-friendly materials, minimizing the environmental impact of space aviation projects.


Stringent Quality Control

Valence maintains rigorous quality control processes, and their adherence to space-grade standards guarantees that their services are of the highest quality.


What Are The Alternatives To Space Aviation?

While space aviation is a cornerstone of modern exploration and communication, there are alternatives for achieving some of its functions. These alternatives include:

  1. Terrestrial Communication: Ground-based communication systems can replace satellite-based communication for certain applications, such as terrestrial broadcasting and internet connectivity.
  2. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs): UAVs, commonly known as drones, can perform reconnaissance and data collection tasks in lieu of traditional satellites for some missions.
  3. Deep-Sea Exploration: For specific scientific research, the exploration of the deep-sea serves as an alternative to space missions, offering insights into uncharted territories on Earth.
  4. Traditional Aeronautics: Many aviation technologies developed for space aviation, such as lightweight materials and advanced propulsion systems, find applications in traditional aeronautics, improving air travel and cargo transport.


Final Thoughts On Space Aviation

Space aviation and communication systems have undergone tremendous advancements, revolutionizing the way we explore the universe and connect with the world. Valence, as a trusted name in surface finishing services, plays a vital role in ensuring the durability, reliability, and performance of components in the commercial aerospace, defense, space, and satellite industries. As the world’s largest independent aerospace product finishing company, Valence offers a completely integrated solution catering to the unique needs of these industries.

With our expertise in coatings, plating, and chemical treatments, Valence provides the necessary protection and enhancements required for space and aviation applications. Our commitment to stringent quality control processes and certifications ensures that our customers receive secure and reliable surface finishing services.


Frequently Asked Questions About Space Aviation


Can Valence’s services be customized to meet specific project requirements?

Yes, Valence offers tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of each project, ensuring that space aviation components receive the exact surface finishing required.


Are Valence’s services compliant with international space industry standards?

Valence adheres to international space industry standards and certifications, ensuring that its services meet or exceed the rigorous requirements of the aerospace industry.


How does Valence contribute to reducing the environmental impact of space aviation projects?

Valence is committed to environmentally responsible practices, including waste reduction, recycling, and the use of eco-friendly materials in its surface finishing processes.


What is the typical turnaround time for Valence’s surface finishing services in the space aviation sector?

Turnaround times may vary depending on the project’s complexity and size. Valence strives to meet project deadlines efficiently and without compromising quality.


What are the latest developments in space communication technologies?

Recent developments include the use of laser communication for faster data transfer, quantum entanglement for ultra-secure communication, and CubeSats, which are revolutionizing space-based communication with their compact size and versatility.


Can space aviation be used for commercial purposes?

Yes, space aviation has opened up commercial opportunities, including satellite deployment for communication and remote sensing purposes. Additionally, space tourism is emerging as a potential industry, offering individuals the opportunity to travel to space for recreational purposes.


How are spacecraft protected from radiation?

Spacecraft are equipped with shielding materials and design features to mitigate the effects of radiation. This includes the use of specialized coatings and insulating materials, as well as the strategic placement of critical components within the spacecraft to minimize exposure to radiation.


What is the impact of space debris on space aviation?

Space debris, such as defunct satellites, spent rocket stages, and fragments from past space missions, poses risks to operating satellites and spacecraft. Collision with debris can damage or destroy valuable assets and create more debris, exacerbating the problem. Space agencies and organizations are actively working on strategies to mitigate space debris and develop guidelines for responsible space activities.


Are there any space aviation projects aimed at exploring other planets?

Yes, space agencies, such as NASA and ESA, have embarked on missions to explore other planets and moons in our solar system. These include the Mars Rover missions, the Cassini mission to Saturn, and the upcoming Europa Clipper mission to Jupiter’s moon Europa. These projects aim to gather data, study planetary compositions, and search for signs of life beyond Earth.


How does space aviation contribute to weather forecasting?

Space-based weather satellites play a crucial role in providing meteorologists with valuable data for weather forecasting. These satellites capture images, measure atmospheric conditions, and monitor weather patterns from space, offering a global perspective that assists in predicting and tracking severe weather events.