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Valence Everett Operations Obtains Unique Set of Lockheed Martin Approvals

by | Mar 9, 2021

EVERETT, WA, MARCH 09, 2021 – Valence Everett continues to invest in and diversify its surface treatment capabilities in the Pacific Northwest with the addition of critical Lockheed Martin Aeronautics approved processes in support of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. Of particular importance is the addition of the environmentally friendly Thin Film Sulfuric Anodize process. Thin Film Sulfuric Anodize is a non-hexavalent chromium substitution over the more traditional Chromic Acid Anodize. With this, Valence Everett becomes only the fourth Lockheed Martin approved Thin Film Sulfuric Anodize processor in the world. These comprehensive new approvals allow Valence Everett to support the special processing of fracture critical structural components including Bulkheads.

Valence Everett is now offering the following Lockheed Martin processes & approvals:

  • Penetrant Inspection – MIL-STD-6866/ASTM-E-1417 – LM; Process Code 110A
  • Penetrant (Fluorescent) Inspection – LMA-PC201; LM Process Code 113
  • Penetrant Inspection Fracture Critical – LMA-PC201; LM Process Code 113a
  • Pre-Penetrant Etch-Aluminum – LMA-PG001; LM Process Code 148
  • Conductivity Testing – LMA-PC009, LM Process Code 167
  • Conductivity of Aluminum – ASTM E 1004; LM Process Code 174
  • Non Chromic Acid Anodize – MIL-A-8625, Type 1C, see 5PTPHL23/5PTPHB20, LMA-PH090, FPS3090; LM Process Code 200A1
  • Thin Film Sulfuric Anodize – LMA-PH090; LM Process Code 200V
  • Chem Film – AMS-C-5541/MIL-DTL-5541, Type I, Class 1A and Class 3; LM Process Code 210
  • Application and Control of Organics Finishes – LMA-PJ264; LM Process Code 240C
  • Fuel Tank Coating – MIL-C-27725/AMS-C-27725; LM Process Code 242A

 “Valence is very excited to bring this impressive list of new Lockheed Martin capabilities and approvals to the Pacific Northwest. We are honored to now support the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter supply chain in the region. These approvals allow Valence to continue our pivot strategy into more defense programs. Our entire Everett, WA team worked closely with Lockheed Martin for the better part of the last year, all during a challenging pandemic to obtain these approvals; we could not be more proud of this achievement.”
Chris Grapsas – Vice President Sales & Marketing

Valence Everett, founded in 1981, is a leader in large part processing with 30-foot capability for NDT, shot peen, chemical processing, and painting. Having earned NADCAP merit status, Valence Everett offers a full suite of services for most material types in major primes such as Boeing, Gulfstream, Cessna, United Technologies, and now Lockheed Martin.

About Valence Surface Technologies
Valence Surface Technologies is the world’s largest independent provider of Aerospace product finishing services. With 12 locations and over 4,500 unique industry approvals, Valence processes more than 1 million parts per month. In addition to being Nadcap accredited, all Valence sites provide specialized metal processing and finishing services to a diversified set of fast-growing commercial aerospace, defense, and space/satellite markets. Valence partners with its customers to deliver best-in-class quality, turn times, and full-service supply chain solutions.

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