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Zinc Spray: Revolutionizing Aerospace Component Protection

In the rapidly evolving aerospace industry, the quest for materials capable of withstanding harsh environments and extending the lifespan of essential components is paramount. Valence stands at the forefront of this innovation, providing cutting-edge zinc spray solutions that encapsulate unparalleled protection and performance. 

Zinc spray, the versatile coating advancing aerospace engineering, is not just a product; it’s a testament to Valence’s commitment to excellence and quality assurance in every service offered.


What Is Zinc Spray?

Zinc spray is a coating method that involves the application of zinc or zinc alloys to a substrate to provide protective properties against corrosion. By metallurgically bonding the zinc to the underlying material, it serves as a coating, offering protection where the zinc corrodes preferentially, thereby preserving the integrity of the base metal.


Understanding Zinc Spray

This high-performance technique is especially valuable in safeguarding critical aerospace components that are exposed to harsh environmental elements. The layer of zinc applied through Zinc Spray acts as a barrier that prolongs the life of the parts, while also ensuring their safe and reliable function.


The Pivotal Role Zinc Spray Plays In Aerospace Excellence

Valence’s zinc spray services are integral to achieving aerospace excellence thanks to our high level of precision and adaptability to various applications.

The Pivotal Role Zinc Spray Plays In Aerospace Excellence

Enhancing Corrosion Resistance

Valence’s zinc spray fortifies critical components like gearboxes, fasteners, and engine parts against corrosion. The meticulous spray process thoroughly covers all surfaces, acting as a steadfast barrier against rust and decay, even in the most corrosive environments.


Versatility In Applications

With an array of components in the aerospace sector, Valence’s zinc spray service tailors to specific geometries and functions. Our custom application process covers every contour, ensuring all parts, regardless of size or shape, receive uniform protection.


Cost-Effective Long-term Protection

Valence’s zinc spray provides durable protection that extends components’ lifespan, optimizing operational costs. The long-lasting coating diminishes the frequency of maintenance, yielding economic benefits through decreased repair and replacement needs.


Supporting Component Performance

Valence focuses on enhancing component performance with our zinc spray coatings, ensuring each piece functions as designed. The precision application ensures coated surfaces maintain our engineered characteristics, supporting optimal performance over time.


Valence’s Mastery Of Zinc Spray Applications

Valence is known for its mastery of surface finishing technologies, and zinc spray is no different. The company has honed its application methods to provide the highest quality coatings in the following ways:


Advanced Application Techniques

Valence’s technicians harness advanced application techniques to apply zinc spray, achieving uniform and comprehensive coverage. Skilled in the art of precision coating, they ensure every component receives the exact level of protection required, regardless of its size or complexity. By adhering to strict industry standards, Valence showcases its commitment to delivering consistently superior results that the aerospace industry can depend on.


Customized Coating Solutions

Understanding that a generic solution does not fit the nuanced needs of every aerospace component, Valence prides itself on creating customized zinc spray coatings. The team meticulously adjusts variables such as coating thickness and application method, considering the operational environment, part geometry, and performance requirements. This bespoke approach ensures that each component receives a zinc spray solution optimized for its specific role within aerospace technology.


Emphasis On Quality Control

At Valence, the zinc spray process is underpinned by an unwavering emphasis on quality control. Every step, from preparation to application, is subject to rigorous scrutiny, ensuring the final coating meets all industry benchmarks for adhesion, thickness, and composition. This attention to detail guarantees that the integrity of the zinc coating is never in question, affording clients peace of mind when it comes to the longevity and reliability of our aerospace parts.


Streamlined Processing For High Volume Orders

Valence’s processing capabilities are built to handle large-scale zinc spray orders efficiently. Our well-designed system enables them to maintain high-quality standards even when the volume scales up. The ability to deliver these services timely and without quality degradation demonstrates Valence’s commitment to not just meeting but exceeding client expectations, affirming our role as a leader in aerospace surface treatment technologies.


Zinc Spray Catering To the Needs Of Commercial And Business Aviation

In the fast-paced world of commercial and business aviation, where aircraft are the lifeblood of daily operations and customer satisfaction is crucial, a single point of failure can lead to significant operational disruptions and loss of trust. This is why reliability and safety are not just goals but foundational requirements. Valence acknowledges this imperative by offering sophisticated zinc spray services tailored to the unique needs of these sectors. Our expertise in corrosion resistance and durability not only keeps aircraft operational but also promotes a level of safety and quality that exceeds customer expectations.


Aerospace Advancements Through Zinc Spray Innovations At Valence

Valence isn’t just keeping pace with aerospace advancements; they’re driving them forward with continuous innovations in our zinc spray services.


Research And Development

Within the Valence innovation hubs, research and development are continuous, pushing the boundaries of zinc spray capabilities. Committed to enhancing our offerings, Valence invests heavily in discovering new methodologies that could further extend the longevity and bolster the performance of our coatings. Our R&D efforts aim to uncover breakthroughs that can lead to the next generation of zinc spray applications, driving the aerospace industry towards higher standards of excellence.


Implementing Latest Technologies

Adopting the newest technological advancements allows Valence to maintain its leadership in the provision of cutting-edge zinc spray services. Our drive to integrate the latest in application technology not only improves the efficiency of our processes but also ensures superior end-results. Through this dedication to incorporating modern technologies, Valence delivers zinc spray solutions that not only meet but often exceed the evolving needs of the aerospace industry.


Custom Engineering For Enhanced Compatibility

Recognizing the diverse needs of the aerospace sector, Valence offers zinc spray coatings engineered for superior compatibility with an array of materials. Our custom engineering process ensures that the coatings are not merely added to components but are integrated with them, optimizing surface properties to match or enhance the original design intentions. This capacity to tailor our services to the specific requirements of clients demonstrates Valence’s commitment to providing personalized and effective zinc spray solutions.


Training and Knowledge Sharing

Education and expertise sharing are foundational principles at Valence. They champion the continuous development of our technicians, providing expert training in state-of-the-art zinc spray applications. This commitment to nurturing the skills of our workforce ensures that every client benefits from the latest and most adept coating techniques. 


Zinc Spray Techniques Tailored for Military and Defense Applications

In the demanding arena of military and defense, every component must withstand extreme conditions without faltering. Valence meets this challenge head-on with zinc spray techniques crafted for the sector’s unique needs. Our method delivers exceptional corrosion resistance, enhancing the durability of military assets from aircraft to naval vessels. Valence’s commitment ensures that these critical components are protected, making our zinc spray services a vital part of maintaining the defense industry’s high standards of reliability and performance.


Setting The Bar For Quality With Valence Zinc Spray Services

Setting the bar for quality is integral to Valence’s ethos, transcending beyond our zinc spray services to encompass a breadth of advanced coating solutions. With a steadfast focus on excellence, Valence consistently exceeds industry standards across all our offerings. We manifest an unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier protection and performance, providing a suite of spray coatings that cater to various operational needs. From thermal sprays to specialized paint applications, Valence’s approach integrates state-of-the-art technology with rigorous quality control to ensure optimal outcomes for our clients, solidifying the reputation as a leader in comprehensive surface technology services.


Essential Benefits of Zinc Spray for Aircraft Longevity

Employing zinc spray technology, Valence fortifies aircraft components against common failures, extending our operational lifespan and ensuring safer, more cost-effective flights.


Shielding Against The Elements

The application of Valence’s zinc spray forms a protective barrier, effectively shielding aircraft parts from moisture and other corrosive agents. By creating this layer of defense, the structural integrity of the aircraft is preserved, mitigating the risks of corrosion that can lead to critical failures.


Enhanced Operational Continuity

Routine maintenance is a significant part of aircraft operation, but with the application of zinc spray from Valence, the frequency of these servicing needs is reduced. This translates to more reliable service with fewer groundings for maintenance, leading to improved operational efficiency and lower costs.

Enhanced Operational Continuity

Sustainability Through Longevity

With Valence’s zinc spray coatings, aircraft components achieve a longer shelf-life, which contributes to the sustainability objectives of the aerospace sector. This extended part life minimizes waste and resource consumption, underscoring the industry’s move towards greener operations.


Confidence In Flight

The robustness of Valence’s zinc spray coatings offers a significant safety assurance. Operators can rest assured that the critical parts are less prone to wear and failure, adding to the overall safety and reliability of the aircraft and providing passengers and crew with the confidence needed for a secure flight experience.


Final Thoughts

As we conclude our exploration of zinc spray and its profound impact on the aerospace and defense industries, it’s clear that this protective coating is more than a mere layer of metal—it’s a critical component in the arsenal of technologies that safeguard our skies and seas. Valence has not just embraced this technology; they’ve mastered it, offering customized, high-quality solutions that extend the life and enhance the performance of vital assets. In a world where precision, reliability, and durability are paramount, Valence stands out as a beacon of excellence, continuously driving innovation and setting a new benchmark for quality with every application of zinc spray.

Embarking on a journey toward heightened resilience and peak performance starts with choosing the right partner. Take the first step and discover how Valence’s unparalleled expertise in zinc spray and various advanced coating solutions can elevate the capabilities of your aerospace or military components. Connect with Valence today—where the fusion of industry-leading technology and a passion for perfection meets your most demanding surface technology needs.


Frequently Asked Questions About Zinc Spray


How does Valence ensure uniform and comprehensive zinc spray coverage?

Through skilled technicians employing advanced application techniques and strict adherence to industry standards.


How stringent is Valence’s quality control in the zinc spray process?

Valence maintains rigorous scrutiny at every step, ensuring adherence to industry benchmarks for adhesion, thickness, and composition.


Can Valence handle large-scale zinc spray orders efficiently?

Yes, our streamlined processing is designed to maintain high-quality standards even with increased volumes.


How does zinc spray cater to the needs of commercial and business aviation?

By providing sophisticated corrosion-resistant solutions that ensure reliability and safety in these sectors.


What role does Valence play in advancing zinc spray innovations in aerospace?

They invest heavily in R&D, implementing the latest technologies and custom engineering for compatibility enhancement.


How does Valence ensure technicians are well-equipped for zinc spray applications?

They prioritize education and expertise sharing, providing continuous training in state-of-the-art coating techniques.


Are Valence’s zinc spray techniques suitable for military and defense applications?

Absolutely, they’re crafted to withstand extreme conditions, enhancing durability for critical military assets.


What is the primary focus of Valence’s surface technology services?

It’s about exceeding industry standards by delivering top-tier protection and performance across various coating solutions.


Does zinc spray contribute to sustainability in the aerospace sector?

Yes, by extending part life and minimizing waste through prolonged component durability.


What safety assurances does zinc spray provide for aircraft operation?

It ensures critical parts are less prone to wear and failure, enhancing overall safety and reliability.



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Painting Services


Primer, also known as undercoat, is the preparatory coating that can be used to enhance the bond strength of a topcoat and/or improve the corrosion resistance of a part. Applying primer is a crucial first step to the lasting results.

Fuel Tank Coating

Fuel tank coating is a specialty coating applied to the interior of aircraft fuel tanks that protects against corrosion from fuel contaminants. The coating allows fuel tanks to meet industry standards for longer durations.

Adhesive Bond Primer
Adhesive bond primer is primer used for particularly hard to bond to applications, often used in combination with anodize or plating processes. Bond primers can also be used to enhance the emissivity characteristics of a part.

Topcoat is the final coating on a part often used for cosmetic purposes. However, it often has application specific properties, such as reflectivity, conductivity, etc. The topcoat provides durability and resistance to harmful materials that will cause parts to deteriorate.


Anti-Chafe topcoats are specific coatings that are primarily used on surfaces where abrasion resistance, low friction and impact resistance are required to reduce chafing and wear. This specific topcoat serves as a defense in harmful environments.

Dry Film Lube

Dry film lube is a dry lubricant coating that reduces friction on surfaces sliding against each other. It offers operation at higher temperatures than other lubricants.


Sol-Gel is a process of creating metal oxides when applied to a part using metal alkoxides. The sol-gel is in high demand as it allows adhesive bonding of titanium and corrosion resistant alloys.

Zinc Spray

Zinc spray, or zinc chromate spray is a primer with corrosion inhibiting properties, commonly used on aluminum aircraft or spacecraft components. It is a high quality aerospace plating technique.

Digital Masking
Valence uses CATIA software to create precision digital masking templates that improve the consistency and the ability to control dimensional tolerances of masking points.

Valence performs all of these services to the highest degree of care, with approvals for most prime and military specifications. Our products and services significantly enhance safety, long-term use, and consistency in the aerospace industry. View our specs here.

Painting Capability Sizes

Valence Eastman L Valence Wichita L Valence Grove L Valence Los Angeles L Valence Seattle LValence Everett LValence Garden Grove L
Bond Primer 20' Bond Primer 16' Bond Primer 24' Bond Primer 27' Bond Primer 6' Bond Primer 30'Bond Primer 10'
Dry Lube 20' Dry Lube 16' Dry Lube 10' Dry Lube 27' Dry Lube 2.5' Dry Lube 30'Paint 10'
Fuel Tank Coating 20' Fuel Tank Coating 16' Fuel Tank Coating 24' Fuel Tank Coating 27' Fuel Tank Coating 6' Fuel Tank Coating 30'
Primer 20' Primer 16' Primer 24' Primer 27' Prime and Topcoat 6' Primer 30'
Topcoat 20' Sol Gel 16' Topcoat 24' Topcoat 27' Sol Gel 4' Topcoat 30'
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